Where My New Site Has Gone

My new site? It went to Internet Heaven.

Yup. I accidentally deleted ALL of the content. My new posts, pictures, everything. This happened about a year ago, and quite frankly I’m not sure why I’m posting about this on the site now… but some have asked on my Facebook page, and after looking at this sad, abandoned blog, I figured I owed readers at least an explanation.

How does one accidentally delete a site, you ask? Well… I didn’t click a big red self-destruct button, if that’s what you’re wondering.


It’s a long and confusing story that has a lot to do with website hosts. It made me pretty sad. That added with the fact that I’m super busy with university, I simply stopped blogging. I miss it, though. I really do.

Not sure when I’ll start blogging again, or if I should just make a new site with an entirely different name, but we’ll see! If you want updates for when I start blogging again, just sign up with your email address to get notifications or “like” the Facebook page.

Miss you guys! <3

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16 Responses to Where My New Site Has Gone

  1. Ahmed Hassan says:

    Hi Norhan (I’m not sure if that is your name!):

    I’m your second cousin. The one you draw as an Arab riding a camel in 2001 (I still do remember!).

    It looks like you missed your domain’s payment, and your domain name was taken by someone else. It happened to me before, usually when you choose an awful register, they take people’s domain as a hostage, and requires you to pay a lot of money to bring it back!

    If you need a host, I have a server and I can host it for you.
    If you need your data, your data is over here -> http://web.archive.org/web/20110111082056/https://missanthropistskitchen.wordpress.com/

    There are two kind of people in this world, people who do take backup, and people who don’t. I hope that teach you a lesson to have a backup of your stuff next time.

    If you need host or technical support, I would be happy to help you after I finish my finals!!

    Say “Hi” to your mom

    • WOW! Thank you SO much! That’s almost exactly what happened to me. I actually still own my domain name (but it’s going to expire soon!) with Bluehost… the reason my site got deleted is because I signed up with a really bad web host first (I think it was called iPage) and then switched to Bluehost because iPage was horrible. I didn’t realize I was supposed to renew with my OLD webhost when I already switched to a new one!
      Can I still transfer my domain name to your server before it expires? I’m also in the middle of my finals right now, but insha’Allah I’ll contact you once I’m finished. Thank you so much!
      PS… I think I remember drawing a guy on a camel a long time ago but I’m not sure :D

    • I can’t believe my content is still alive! Thank you so much! :)

      • Ahmed Hassan says:

        Make sure you extend it. If you don’t have a credit card handy next to you, I can use mine.

        whois says it will expire on 2014-09-18 UTC

        is that true?

        Did you park it? because it looks like it was taken away. I’m talking about the domain itself, not the host. This thing -> missanthropistskitchen.com

      • Ahmed Hassan says:

        Email me after next Wednesday, and say hi to your mom!

  2. Lol I really am so confused right now! How can I check if I still own the domain? I asked Bluehost a few months ago and they told me that I do, but I’m not sure now! I’ll email you in 2 weeks insha’Allah (when my finals are completely over). I will tell my mom you said hi! Thank you SO much for your help!

    • Ahmed Hassan says:

      Is this your email? windinv at yahoo dot com?

      because it looks like it was taken away! how did you register it at the beginning?

      • Nope, that’s not my email :( I guess the name was really taken away. I registered with iPage and then terminated my account on there because it was really bad…but I didn’t know it would get deleted if I switched to Bluehost first. What a shame! I guess I’ll just have to think of new site names lol!

      • Ahmed Hassan says:

        Cool, email me after a week, or when you are done. I believe you can see my email through your comment panel.

      • I will isA! Thanks again for your help. :)

    • myninjanaan says:

      Omg thank God for your cousin because now I can finally make Kanafeh again! woohoooooo!

  3. Rabz says:

    Awww man. inshaAllah khair. Please come back to blogging world whenever you are done with university inshaAllaah. May Allaah swt make it easy for u Ameen. <3

  4. Laura says:

    Please, please, please back up your website with that content! Your stuff was awesome!

  5. Helena says:

    When creating a blog it is generally assumed that most people want their site to be a success. There are at the current time just over four million blogs today, with a new blog born every 7 2nd.

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