Marshmallow (Fluff) Fondant

Remember when I mentioned how disastrous my last attempt with fondant was (and had to make the dulce de leche cake instead)? I’d wanted to make a fondant drum cake for my brother’s birthday since he asked for a drumset (yeah right little brother). Unfortunately, I’d made the frosting too runny and sticky on the cake and it ended up messing up the fondant, so I just decided to do without it.

I figured, though, that the marshmallow fluff fondant might be an interesting thing to share :) This is the fondant I used to make the icons and buttons on the iPhone cake. If you attempt to make marshmallow fondant, all you need are 2 ingredients!

Marshmallow fluff and powdered sugar. That’s all there is to it! And of course, you’ll need a nonstick spray to keep the fluff from sticking to your bowl.

See the oil-like substance at the side? PAM.

Add your powdered sugar… (For 2 jars of Marshmallow Fluff, I use a whole 2 lb bag of powdered sugar…not sure just how many cups that is).

Mix, mix, mix, till you get…

Marshmallow fondant!

Make sure it’s NOT sticky. If it is, simply add more powdered sugar. Plastic-wrap it, place in the fridge, and you’re ready to go!

I usually color my fondant AFTER I make it because I usually want more than one color and want to control the quantities, but if you only want ONE color, then I’d suggest coloring the Fluff before adding the powdered sugar. Have fun!

Marshmallow Fluff Fondant

  • 2 jars of Marshmallow Fluff
  • 2 pounds of Confectioner’s Sugar (which is usually one bag)
  • Optional: Food coloring
  • Optional: Flavoring
  1. Spray your bowl with a non-stick cooking spray, like PAM. Dump contents of Marshmallow Fluff into bowl. If you want to color/flavor, now is the time to add those ingredients (don’t mix yet).
  2. Add your powdered sugar and mix for at least 3 minutes to ensure incorporation. If still sticky, add more powdered sugar until it isn’t.
  3. After you’re finished, form fondant into a ball and cover with something like Crisco before placing in plastic wrap so it doesn’t stick. You can put it in an airtight container if needed.
  4. If you need the fondant the same day (are in a rush), place in freezer. If it’s for the next day, it can be stored in fridge. If you want to store for wayyyy later like a week then maybe the freezer would be better (I honestly am not sure).
  5. Before using, let sit in room temperature with plastic wrap still on for at least 5-10 minutes. Any part you don’t use should be covered with plastic wrap so the fondant doesn’t dry out.
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39 Responses to Marshmallow (Fluff) Fondant

  1. Hmm…I don’t usually decorate with fondant, but this looks too easy to pass up!

  2. Cathy says:

    I love to admire pretty fondant cakes but I usually do not eat them… Way too sweet ;p

  3. Faith says:

    I’ve never worked with fondant but I’m bookmarking this for when I want to give it a try! I love how there’s just two ingredients.

  4. I’ve never used fondant or made fondant. You are so brave! Yours looks do-able though. Can’t wait to try it!

  5. Tanvi says:

    Coool! You made your own fondant..Way to go girl.I am surprised at how simple you have made it look..though its tricky.Thanks for sharing!

  6. How cool! You have made fondant seem quite easy to handle :-))

  7. Joanne says:

    So funny, I JUST made fondant out of melted marshmallows and posted about it…but next I am SO trying this. Anything made out of fluff has to be beyond amazing.

  8. That is so cool! A marshmallow fondant sounds wonderful :)

  9. One of my goals this year was to make a fondant. I adore marshmallows and this looks so easy that I think I’ll start with your recipe. :)

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  11. Wow, I just found this recipe. Marshmallow fluff is really hard to come by in the UK but I found a stall in my local market selling imported American sweets, so I got a jar :) I was wondering what I could do with it, it seems there’s more to just spreading it on toast! Thanks for this recipe!

  12. easybaked says:

    Thanks! I am SO excited to try this– making fondant is on my to-do list this year and this recipe looks SO easy! :)

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  14. Jerrika says:

    How much would you say this covers or makes?

  15. wendyf91 says:

    I made it this morning for my daughter’s birthday cake and it turned out BEAUTIFULLY!! And it was my first time using fondant! I can’t wait until she gets home from school :)

  16. Monica says:

    Didn’t even work at all. It would help to know what size jar of Fluff. I add color and it stuck to the Fluff in little balls, the Fluff and sugar never blended.

    • queenzimika says:

      The jars in the picture say 7 1/2 oz. I made this a few months ago with the wiltons gel colors. I used a toothpick to dip in the colors and then spread it on top of my finished fondant and rolled in in by hand. It turned out really well. I even used cocoa powder to make it brown and it tasted good. Sorry I can’t be more help.

  17. Rochelle Bailey says:

    Thanks! I was going to melt the marshmallows and do the whole shortening thing! This seems much easier! One question, did you still need to coat your hands with crisco for kneading the fondant? And how do i keep it from sticking to my rolling pin? Mine is wooden.

  18. Coldplay Girl says:

    I tried this and when I was trying to make a pig for my sisters birthday cake…..the pig melted when making it AND in the fridge. I’m not that happy with the result. :( Now it looks like a big pink glob with a nose on a cake.

  19. Hannah says:

    The WORST fondant recipe I have ever worked with. Incredibly sticky- all over my hands, rolling pin, and countertops despite dusting. Took forever to finally get a decent consistency and then it melted off the cake. Ugh.

  20. Meghan says:

    I made this recipe this morning w/my seven month old waiting in the wings for mommy to finish <3 came out perfect!!!! Awesome idea! Will use this one over and over! Thank you for posting :-)

  21. Marwa says:

    The marshmallow fluff I have is in a plastic container. IT’s the same company, but the container looks smaller than one of yours and it’s 16 oz. I’m wondering if people may have used two of those containers to only 2 lbs of confectioners sugar as opposed to 4 lbs. (considering they probably doubled the amount of the fluff). I’m going to definitely try this out today. I’m making a Frozen cake in two weeks. Would this hold up in the fridge for that long? I want to start early to avoid any stressful situations. :-)

  22. littleberryvillage says:

    I’ve seen fondant recipes that are sooooo hard! this one looks incredibly easy!

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  24. Elena says:

    I have made MMF several times and always have at least 6-8 tubs of Marshmallow fluff for my buttercream.
    I will deffo have to try this as its cheaper than marshmallows at the moment at £1 a tub at our local farmfoods which is a frozen food store here in the UK.
    Marshmallows are usually over £1 a time and would need 2-3 to make MMF so, tub of fluff it is then.
    Thank you for tutorial, will be trying this today.

  25. regina says:

    I agree with Hannah, this was an epic fail. My grandaughter tried it and it was aweful. Too sticky and sickening sweet!

  26. SaintE says:

    How long should it be refrigerated before use?

  27. connie nunez says:

    I made my first batch tonight. I needed just one color so I followed your instructions and colored the fluff first and it looks great. I used two 7oz jars of fluff and almost an entire 2 lb bag of powdered sugar. Can’t wait to start playing with it tomorrow. Thank you so much for this super easy recipe.

  28. wen says:

    mine looked like layers of skin not consistant

  29. Meghan says:

    I don’t even measure it anymore…. I Just buy two big 16oz. Containers, two bags of powdered sugar and go to town on my fondant. Sticky… Add more sugar! Knead the sugar in like you would when making bread… Until its not super sticky and u can easily lift it out or separate. It will still be slightly sticky… but after u refrigerate and want to roll it out, use more powdered sugar while rolling. Put it on the pin and surface. I saw my last post was from 2014… and I have used this for so many cakes since then!!! Still love this recipe!

  30. pkf7612 says:

    Does this fondant work with stamps like rose stamps, leaf stamps?

  31. Jan says:

    How many ounces is the Fluff? It comes in different sizes and the recipe does not say how many ounces are needed.

    • misspeggybee says:

      I used 2 16oz (454g) jars as this is the size that our grocery store has, which is probably why I had to use a bit more powdered sugar. It was worth it though!

  32. misspeggybee says:

    This was a messy process as I do not have a stand-up mixer and had to utilize my hand mixer as well as my hands but the end result is pretty damn good. 2 jars of marshmallow fluff and approximately 2.5lbs (1kg bag plus about a cup or so) of icing/powdered sugar. I was wondering how you colour it after the fact? Just knead it in until happy enough with it?

    • Mary Ellias says:

      I have been making this for years with melted marshmallows and a tiny bit of water, microwave until melted. Once it comes together just knead in any colors until blended

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