Dulce De Leche Chocolate Cake

*opens door* Lucyy, I’m homeee!

Lucy? Anyone? *looks around* Hey, where’s my clapping audience?


I brought cake. Chocolate cake.

*hears whispers*

With dulce de leche filling.

And topping.

*audience claps*

That’s better! :)

I made this cake for my brother’s birthday because the fondant idea went straight down the drain, a long sad story I’ll save for later.

You can use your favorite chocolate cake recipe…the beauty in my opinion is in the dulce de leche. In case you’re wondering…dulce de leche is kind of fancy talk for caramel. It’s delicious. I have no idea why it turned out so runny, but I’m assuming it’s because I don’t have an electric mixer and didn’t whip it long enough. It doesn’t matter though…I thought it was perfect.

Unfortunately I don’t have a picture of the final cake product, but my grandma’s birthday happens to be coming up and she requested I make this cake for her. I’ll be sure to take some pretty pictures!

It’s good to be back, folks. :)

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Blogging (Spring) Break and Name Advice!

Yeah, so remember how I hadn’t posted in over a week and claimed I as back down on blogging Earth?

Well… I was wrong. The reason I haven’t posted anything this past week is because I’m traveling out-of-state for the next 2-3 weeks (I’m actually already out-of-state…writing this in the car as we speak), so I wasn’t able to bake anything especially since we were getting ready and trying to empty out the fridge…and while I’m super excited about this vacation, won’t be able to blog without a kitchen of our own. :(

However, you should know that when I return insha’Allah, my brother’s birthday is in about 3 weeks, and I’m planning a special cake…most likely a decorated fondant cake like the iPhone cake! I’m so excited to work with fondant again! And I’m fairly certain I’m more excited than my brother is…but what else is new? :P

In other news, I want to make this site official when I return–that is, without the “dot wordpress” part. I’m totally excited about this change, but am uncertain as to whether or not I should keep the name “Miss Anthropist’s Kitchen”. While I still like the name and the word play associated with it, the name of the blog is pretty confusing to most people, so I’m thinking about simplifying it.

I don’t have a list of name suggestions for you guys to choose from yet, but I will soon. Good idea or not-so-good idea?

Thank you in advance for your help/patience with my dysfunctional blog! :)

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Chocolate Chip “Coffee” Cake

You might have noticed that I put coffee in quotation marks…consider it a warning.

This cake has no coffee whatsoever. Apparently it’s called coffee cake because it’s supposed to be served with coffee. It’s not like I’d call a cake a chocolate milk cake just because I eat it with chocolate milk…’cause then a lot of cakes would be called chocolate milk cake, amiright? Misleading misnomers…

But you know what? It’s a pretty delicious cake. And I substituted all of the butter in the recipe for apple sauce and it turned out great! Yup, you won’t feel guilty reaching for that second piece. :)

And in case y’all were wondering where I was the past week Continue reading

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Cheesecake-Marbled Brownies

Stop the presses!

In my kitchen I have created something so delicious they should be considered a sin–but no. We’ll call it a marriage. A marriage between two magnificent desserts, and this is their one hundred percent, legitimate, beautiful, yummy child.

This dessert should be called “breezecake” for two significant reasons. The first reason is obvious… brownies + cheesecake = breezecake. But the second reason is because they’re a breeze to make (albeit messy if you’re me).

Taste and poor-naming aside, I absolutely adore the marble effect. So much fun!

Just make sure you have a gym membership or a working treadmill…kay?

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Lemon Bars

A few days ago, sickness struck the house (and continues to strike), so naturally our refrigerator had acquired an abundance of lemons. When I realized how magnificent they looked when I cut into one, I knew I had to make something with them (besides sickness remedies). I just love how vibrant they are–reminds me of spring/summertime!

The choice came down to lemon curd and lemon bars. I figured lemon curd had been floating around enough in the blogosphere and decided to make lemon bars!

We had some company the day I made these, and one of the young girls declared this “the best cake she ever had”, wanted to take some home with her, and asked for the recipe…my day was totally made, bless her heart. Continue reading

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Toasted Chicken Wraps

You: Ugh. This wrap isn’t pretty at all. Away with it!

Me: But…it’s the inside that matters!

You: Not if you have a blog that’s very dependent on your photos.

Me: Okay. Fine. How about I show you the wrap…unwrapped.

You: That makes no sens– *gasps*

See how wrong you were?

Chicken wraps are actually analogous to women who wear the hijab… our true beauties are hidden within the wrap. :) And believe it or not, the chicken wrap tastes even better than it looks. I make this about 30 times a week for my family for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The recipe actually came about when my brother told me he was hungry one day and I just kind of threw these ingredients together. Little did I know how amazing it would turn out.

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Homemade (Soft) Flour Tortillas

Recently, I’d been making my own little version of toasted chicken wraps for my brother and father, and within two days we’d run out of flour tortillas (yup, the chicken wraps are that good. Recipe coming soon!). I think only a food blogger can find joy when a certain food product runs out, like when my house “ran out of” animal crackers and I had eagerly decided to make a homemade version.

Because when life gives you flour, make tortillas! And take step-by-step pictures. :)

Unlike store-bought pita bread, the store-bought flour tortillas are actually pretty good when it comes to making a taco or burrito of some sort, so I wasn’t sure how these would turn out. If you have any doubts, throws them out the window, because these tortillas get 5 stars for taste and 20 stars for how easy they are! Usually when you deal with bread, you have to deal with yeast and a high-temperature oven. This wonderful creation of a bread, however, is leavened by baking powder and heated on the stove in a skillet. Continue reading

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Cinnamon Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

This is one of the best oatmeal cookie recipes in the world. I’m not exaggerating. It makes an incredible batch of cookies (and finally something not Egypt-related, eh?), and they never last long at my house.

Best part? It’s pretty healthy…for a cookie. :) The rolled oats included are double the amount of the flour, and you can substitute a lot of the fat for applesauce without sacrificing the taste.

The result is a chewy, delightful, lightly cinnamon-y, perfectly textured and perfectly tasing cookie. It’s surreal. I think I’m just gonna let the pictures do the rest of the talkin’. ;) Continue reading

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Kushari (Egyptian Meal)

If you walk the streets of Egypt, you will find many street-sellers selling kushari, or koshary (too many spellings, but I believe ‘kushari’ is the most frequently used in the English language so I’ll stick with that). Kushari is a genuine Egyptian meal that actually used to be considered a poor man’s meal because of how inexpensive it is (since it doesn’t contain any meat). However, it’s no longer considered a low-class dish because now people of all standards in Egypt enjoy this hearty meal. I thought this meal especially would be fitting to share, not only because it’s delicious, but also since the revolution had been shared by the poor as well as the rich.

Kushari consists of four things:

  1. Lentils + Rice
  2. Macaroni
  3. Garlic Vinegar Tomato Sauce
  4. Fried Onion Topping

It must be in this order for it to be kushari! :)

This was surprisingly my first time making it (though my trillionth time eating it), and I was surprised at how easy it was! This meal will have you using all 4 spots of your stove. Continue reading

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Whoopie Pie Surprise and Blog Awards!

I’m back! Late, I know, but finally back.

As you guys already know from my one trillion updates, Egypt is free from Mubarak’s reign! Egypt definitely still needs a lot of work, but insha’Allah it will happen with the help of the incredible community.

Since all the local Egyptians were getting together to celebrate Egypt’s freedom, I knew I had to make something Egypt-related. So I decided to make whoopie pies. And how exactly are whoopie pies Egypt-related, you ask?

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February 11, 2011 will forever be a historic day!

Today we found out that the Egyptian president has RESIGNED! Hate to sound immature, but OMG OMG OMG! Alhamdullilah! Just YESTERDAY he made a speech declaring that he wasn’t leaving until September (which is why I didn’t post, I was in such a bad mood), but now he has decided to resign!

The phone is ringing off the hook with people congratulating my family! I am SO happy. :’) I know it was our prayers that made the difference!

I was JUST about to post a recipe but this is too exciting! Will post a recipe as soon as possible, I promise!

Off to celebrate!! :D

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Bear With Me…

First of all, I just wanted to thank everyone who commented on the Egyptian situation in the last post. You guys are so sweet! Second of all, I wanted to apologize for not being able to keep up with all of your blogs recently…I’ve just been really preoccupied with everything going on at the moment. :(

I have a few recipes I wanted to share with you, I really do, but it just seems like awful timing. I just can’t bring myself to blog about food while Egypt is in the midst of a revolution. Egypt isn’t just my home country–it’s my home. Just 9 months ago, my whole life was there. I had been living there for 8 years (and I’m 18 at the moment), so you can imagine how much I had going on back there. Continue reading

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Egyptian Flag Sugar Cookies and a Revolution

As you can probably guess, this is in no way a political blog.

I have been kind of distracted from the blogging community lately because for the past 3 days, since January 25th, Egypt has been having a revolution. Protests everywhere, things on fire, tear gas, injuries…the works. As you might know, Egypt is my home country. I was raised in America for my childhood, but raised in Egypt for the majority of my teen years, so this hits home quite literally.

After a little over 30 years of a corrupt government, they are finally standing up and demanding what is theirs–a better government that actually cares about their people. This is probably the best thing to ever happen to Egypt, but it definitely doesn’t make it any less scary. Continue reading

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Homemade Animal Crackers

Sometimes I finish store-bought food just to recreate it.

Over the course of a month, I made it my personal goal to finish the giant plastic jar of animal crackers we’d bought when I had discovered a homemade version. When the crackers were finally almost finished, my mom asked if she should buy another giant jar before I screamed “NO!” through my animal-cracker-filled mouth. I was going to make homemade animal crackers, and nothing was going to stop me.

…Except for the fact that I didn’t have small animal cookie cutters.

You see, after buying a 101 cookie cutter set, I naively assumed that I was set for life–that I would never need to buy other cookie cutters. Umm…yeah right. Within the span of a day I was already discovering new shapes and sizes I wanted. I’m kind of crazy and greedy when it comes to bakeware. It’s not fair.

So I did what any desperate semi-drop-out teenage food blogger would do. With a 25% discount coupon in hand, I excitedly bought a set of “Noah’s Arc” cookie cutters! These are my first non-plastic, metal overpriced cookie cutters.

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Chicken topped with Mushrooms and Mozzarella

I don’t know if there’s a fancy name for this dish, but somehow I don’t think it really matters. Let’s just call it delicious. And ridiculously easy.

This was a really nice change from our usual chicken menu, which usually just consists of grilled chicken or chicken nuggets. All it took was bread-crumbing the chicken, topping it with mushrooms, mozzarella, and chicken stock, and tossing it into the oven. That’s it. I absolutely loved how flavorful this meal was–the mozzarella and mushrooms are so delicious together.

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