You: What the hell, Miss Anthropist? Egg-in-a-Basket? It’s not Easter. And even if it was, you’re Muslim.

Me: Uhh, it’s not an egg basket…it’s called an Egg-in-a-Basket. It’s a kind of breakfast!

You: Another breakfast?

Me: I’m sorry, but give me a break. I haven’t baked anything last week. I promise you’ll like this, though!

You: Fine. Explain what it is.

Me: It’s basically another way to eat eggs for breakfast that not many people are aware of. It’s super simple and super delicious.

You: So what is it, like an Omelet?

Me: No… you don’t beat the eggs at all.

You: Oh, so it’s like Sunny-side-up?

Me: Close, but with toast. And you flip it over.

You: *scratches head* Like French Toast?

Me: …I just told you that the eggs don’t get beaten.

You: How do you flip unbeaten eggs with toast?! I’m so confused.

Me: Don’t worry, I’m going to to explain right now. With pictures and everything.

You: *sighs in relief* Thank you!

The ingredients for sacrifice are butter, eggs, and toast. That’s it! I use garlic butter. You don’t have to, obviously. But I love anything garlic.

First thing’s first: Cut up a hole in the middle of your toasts. I use a knife, but some people like to use cups or cookie cutters. Whichever is handiest to you. And keep the little toast circles to toast for later. They’re great for sopping that extra yolk up while you’re happily eating.

Now, melt some butter in your pan… (Note: I tried this with that low-fat butter spread, and it’s not the same. Just use real butter. Gulp).

Then flip the toast in the melted butter. You want it buttered up so it can get nice and crunchy with that yummy butter taste. I like to butter up the little holes that were cut out from the toast as well.

After you’ve buttered up your toast (and taken that toast circle out of the pan), crack the egg inside the middle of the toast. Leave your toast to cook for at least a minute.

I was feeling fiesty so I decided to experiment with cheese…but I don’t think it’s necessary since you can’t taste it in the final product and just adds empty fat calories.

So you can just skip the cheeses and add your salt and pepper. I always use garlic salt, by the way…did I mention that I love garlic?

Now the tricky part is flipping it over. Take a spatula, and quickly but carefully flip it over, making sure you have space in your pan. There’s still yolk on the top, so this might be a little scary at first. Use your hand to help stabilize the Egg-in-a-Basket on the spatula if necessary.

Once you’ve waited a minute or so (not less than a minute, otherwise you will have yolk escape from underneath the toast, and have a half-omelet half-French toast hybrid…it’s not pretty), flip it again, and serve on a plate.

When I eat these, I usually just have one. It’s a pretty satisfying breakfast and the butter scares me.

And you’re done! Pat yourself on the back and enjoy an egg-in-a-basket! :)


  • 1 egg
  • Butter (you decide)
  • One piece of toast


  1. On medium heat, melt butter in skillet.
  2. Cut an approximately 2 inch circle in the middle of each slice, using a knife, cookie cutter, or small glass.
  3. Butter the bread using the butter in the pan. Add more butter if necessary. The cut-out bread circles can be buttered and toasted as well to sop up the extra yolk.
  4. Place buttered bread slice on a nonstick griddle pan, preheated over medium heat.
  5. If necessary, add a bit of butter to the center of the bread, and gently crack your egg into the hole.
  6. If desired, add cheese. Then sprinkle eggs with salt and freshly ground pepper to taste.
  7. When the eggs begin to set around the edge of the hole, flip.
  8. Finish cooking eggs as you prefer (over easy or over medium).
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6 Responses to Egg-in-a-Basket

  1. Marwa says:

    yummy yum =)

  2. Maya says:

    This looks lovely, and quite easy to do. I once made egg-in-a-cloud, breakfast food too! You should check it out on my blog.

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  5. You can also shut off the heat and cover the pan for a minute or two and the egg will completely cook.

    Toast the bread on one side, flip toast, THEN add egg and my method would work, otherwise it wouldn’t. :) It’s for the less daring.

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